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Avengers 60th Anniversary Marvel Legends Thor vs. Marvel's Destroyer 6-Inch Action Figures

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Avengers Marvel Legends Thor vs. Destroyer Action Figures:

Bring the excitement and wonder of the Marvel Universe to your collection with Thor, Marvel's Destroyer, and other action figures from the Hasbro Marvel Legends Series! (Additional products each sold separately. Subject to availability.) The mighty Thor, God of Thunder, wields his enchanted hammer Mjolnir in battle against the Destroyer, a mystical suit of Asgardian armor that is virtually indestructible and possesses immense powers. This collectible 6-inch-scale Marvel Legends Avengers 60th Anniversary action figure set is detailed to look like Thor and Marvel's Destroyer characters from Marvel's Thor comics, featuring premium detail and multiple points of articulation. Figures come with 5 accessories, including alternate hands for each figure, Mjolnir hammer, and alternate Thor head.