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DC Super Powers The Invisible Jet Vehicle

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DC Super Powers The Invisible Jet Vehicle:

Continuing the legacy of the DC Super Powers line of the 80s, comes a vehicle of your favorite hero in the classic nostalgia series you love. The DC Super Powers The Invisible Jet Vehicle is compatible with new and old action figures from the DC Super Powers Line. The Invisible Jet features a translucent design and seats one figure (sold separately). Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet includes a pop up canopy and lasso capture claw. The jet is showcased in DC Super Powers themed closed box packaging.

Wonder Woman sometimes employs an Invisible Jet, one that is undetectable by the naked eye and by most radar systems. This remarkable camouflage effect is achieved by the use of individual tiles that appear purple from the inside. Surprisingly, the Amazons can convert any aircraft to make it invisible using this technology! Ages 12 and up.