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Masters of the Universe Origins Grizzlor Figure

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Masters of the Universe Origins Grizzlor Figure

Mattel Creations Exclusive

The Evil’s Horde’s savage man-beast returns to terrorize Eternia! Wild and untamed, Grizzlor has a full body of faux fur. He’s highly articulated and comes with a crossbow for poses to display his brute strength. Fans will love the savage details like his Horde chest plate and lighter fur, just like his vintage version. Offered for the first time as a stand-alone figure in the Origins line, Grizzlor is the perfect addition to your MOTU collection. 

  • MOTU Origins Grizzlor Collector Figure
  • Stands 5.5 inches tall 
  • 16 points of articulation for ferocious poses and displays  
  • Savage details like a wild faux fur and removable chest plate  
  • Comes with crossbow accessory and battle axe (not pictured)