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Takara Tomy Tranformers Dark Sky Fire Action Figure from Japan

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Takara Tomy Tranformers Dark Sky Fire Action Figure from Japan


Dark Sky Fire

  • Product Features:
  • "Transform! Kay Heng! C06 Fire Sky" appeared as a Decepticon!
    • Color is black, based on limited sense Batsugun!
    • Robot mode, jet mode 2 deformation mode!
    • Missile can be fired, switch!
    • Equipped with a helmet, deformable battle!
    • Character set
    • The injection of hydrogen fuel, can be withdrawn from the gravitational pull of the earth.
    • Particle beam.
    • Can wear a helmet.
    • Battle with four guns.
    • in Super jet mode, 30, is halfway around the globe in minutes.
    • Ability to change character roles weapon
    • Role: Senior scientific exploration Decepticon!
    • Change: super jet 、 Batoruappumodo!
    • Xapacity during millions of years ago to establish a Decepticon army camp when his organization was working in the same Sky Fire.
    • Outer space exploration (Bomber with) and they agents that protect the body in layers to prevent unknown viruses and storms.
    • On the other hand have a strong will and spirit of inquiry in science with his own troubled that with high combat skills separately (cross-examination) that.
    • Weapon: Misairurancha photon beam heat sensing missile laser cannon