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Threezero: G.I. Joe Destro FigZero 1:6 Scale Action Figure

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G.I. Joe Destro FigZero 1:6 Scale Action Figure:

  • Retro designed Destro from G.I. Joe!
  • Includes briefcase, explosives, rockets, and more!
  • Highly articulated with detailed tailored outfit.
  • Stands over 12-inches tall.
Introducing the G.I. Joe Destro FigZero 1:6 Scale Action Figure from threezero, the perfect addition to your G.I. Joe collection! This highly detailed and articulated 1:6 scale figure stands at an impressive 12 1/5-imnches tall and has been redesigned by threezero to capture the essence of the nefarious arms dealer, Destro.

Destro's highly detailed sculpt and weathering painting effects bring this beloved villain to life like never before. Every aspect of his tailored outfit, which includes his iconic pendant necklace, bracers, tactical belts with pouches, and bracer with mini-rockets, are meticulously crafted with precise attention to detail.

As a true weapons expert, Destro comes equipped with an array of armaments to take on any opponent who would stand in his way. This includes a pistol and holster along with a machine gun. He also has two interchangeable rocket cases, three explosives, and three mini-rockets, each of which can be swapped for different tactical occasions. With four pairs of interchangeable hands, including relaxed hands, fists, firearm holding hands, and briefcase holding hands, you can create a wide range of poses and display options that showcase his tactical prowess. His briefcase is perfect for holding all his arsenal or any other gear you want to display alongside him. Don't miss your chance to add the profiteering leader of M.A.R.S. to your collection!

The G.I. Joe Destro FigZero 1:6 Scale Action Figure includes the following accessories:
1x Pistol with holster
1x Machine gun
2x Rocket cases (interchangeable with explosives)
3x Explosives
3x Mini-Rockets
1x Briefcase
1x Pair of relaxed hands
1x Pair of fists
1x Pair of firearm holding hands
1x Pair of briefcase holding hands Ages 15 and up.